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Written on 9:43 PM by asmaa


you must repect should respect my style in thinking, clothes, food, coulors, books and chossing my husband , why all those comments and Restrictions , iam not your slave ...i just have one God (Allah the merciful) and i have one prophet (mohammed peace be upon him) ...i must be free exept from those heaven restrictions. iam a human being have all human rights in choosing , certainly i respect your opinion but you cant impose it on me(iam free) if i paint my wall blue if it were red..iam free...if i wear veil if i wear (3abaya) iam free ...if i were a doctor or an engineer or even a waiter , you should respect my choise .
if you are my parents;
please learn me how to be free& how to choose my fate , learn me to play if i were akid , and how to be agood man when i were adult , leran me to love you and love what i do,listen to me , be my friend , don't say no until i hit the roof or you drive me nut and out of control , listen please , just follow the steps of our beloved prophet (mohammed pbuh) and you would satisfy me , also i will do ) please let me be free and i promise i will be a good and creative person also i will repect all what you would say to me and learn from your experience.

but if you are some one else ;

i don't care , i used to care , but i can't do this any more. because you lie on me, you have a double face , say somthing to me ang change it when i give you my back , you don't keep a promise and say alot of wrong tales on me...i really forgive you all, but i wont care any more because iam now free

iam ahuman being
love Allah and Mohammed (pbuh)
love my fiance & respect his mind
love my home(egypt)
i love my family and need them deside
i am acivil engineer
love the graphics and designs
iam wearing (3abaya and veil)
i adore travelling and dreaming
i love my style in colors
ilove my work
i haven't much time to waste it talking about people and all the stubid stuffs
i love to ride a bic. and to swim..i love to run and read

so let me alone and respect my style

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  1. أحمد جمال |

    very good post
    thanks for it
    we need more
    Dr_Ahmed Gamal

  2. عاشقه الاقصى |

    حلو اوى البوست ياسمسه بجد مش عارفه اقولك ايه ع الكلام الجامد ده

  3. asmaa |

    thanks Dr. Ahmed for ...& welcome:)
    meet you in another posts

  4. asmaa |

    حبيبتى عاشقة الاقصى ...منورانى دايما وجابرة بخاطرى ...ربنا يخليكى ليا يارب ...وع فكرة البوست ده كان ناتج عن الصمت اللى فى البلوج اللى قبله...بس الحمد لله بدانا نتعلم الكلام(يعنى ع قدنا كده الف باء تاء ) :D

  5. هوندا |

    انا قلتلك ايه ؟ روقى خاااالص احنا مبندخلش فى خياه حد يبقا منديش الفرصه لحد انه يحشر نفسه فى حياتنا وتجنبى ده خالص ولو لازم الامر لازم تاخدى موقف فى مرة باسلوب حاد لان فى ناس الزوق مبينفعش معاهم :)

  6. asmaa |

    شكرا ياهوندا...وياباشا كلامك فوق راسى ....وانا فعلا بدات اقوى نفسى شويه ومحطش فى بالى وانا بس كتبت الموضوع مش عليا هوه عامة لان المواقف دى بتتكرر مع ناس كتير :)


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